Japanese Short Story – 夢十夜

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Japanese Reading Level 5
Aozora and Hoshizora Bunko
Reviewer’s Japanese Level: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
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Review submitted by Joshua Moravec


This is a collection of 10 short stories by Natsume Soseki. The stories are dark and moody and very fun to read. The language, however, can be a bit difficult as the book was written in 1908. This means, depending on the edition you find, the kanji may use the pre-war versions, which make reading difficult. The book also uses many older words and phrases which are not used today, so expect a lot of look ups.

Some of the stories are collected in ‘Breaking into Japanese Literature’, which gives a dictionary and dry translation of the stories as an aid. This was useful for getting the idea of the stories, then reading the rest on Aozora. I suggest picking up this version if you’re not comfortable reading the somewhat older Japanese.

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