wakaru app
Wakaru is my go-to app for my Japanese studies. It used to be Anki (which I still use), but Wakaru app‘s amazing functionality and features makes it one of the only apps on my phone that I could not live without.

With the Wakaru app you can connect to the ever popular Aozora Bunko and Hoshizora Bunko and download thousands upon thousands of books straight to your device. Then, while reading, with a single touch you can look up words in said book, and even make flashcards from those words. It is pretty to look at too! You can also add your own PDF versions of books into the app!
wakaru app book reader

As if that wasn’t enough there is also an excellent web browser which I often use to read NHK News Web and other websites. Just as with books, you can touch a word and it is automatically looked up, giving you all of the same functionality you have within books.
wakaru app web browser

If you are serious about reading Japanese and have an iPhone or iPad, you seriously can not live without the Wakaru app!

There are many other features of the app which I have not gone into here, but feel free to check out those details on the Wakaru app features page!

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