I’ve found it very difficult to find a sufficient amount of useful and relevant Japanese reading material for Japanese learners since I first began learning to read Japanese. I’m trying to remedy that, so I am compiling a list of sites on which I have found useful reading material. This list is a work in progress. Please let me know if you think I’ve missed something (I’m sure I have!). Without further adieu, links for Japanese learners!

NHK News Web Easy
An excellent site with daily news on weekdays. These articles are easy versions of real articles which can be found on the regular News Web site.

NHK News Web
My go to for news in Japan. Try reading this on Wakaru!

Aozora Bunko
A repository of classic books you can download and read for free!

Hoshizora Bunko
Like Aozora Bunko but with user submitted books and short stories.

A Dictionary of Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Japanese Grammar

I found the Basic volume of this series to be invaluable as I learned to speak and read Japanese. The Intermediate and Advanced volume I still find myself referring to from time to time as I read through more advanced material. A must have for any serious learner of the Japanese language.

Click below and get it now!

Watch the video!

Watch the video!

Watch the video!

Learning With Texts
An excellent tool for reading ANY language and looking up or keeping track of new words.

How to set up Learning With Texts for Japanese

Wakaru – Learn Japanese by reading
An amazing app for the iPhone. You can’t live without this if you are learning to read Japanese!

My favorite dictionary app.

Anki has always been my go-to SRS Flashcard app. You can get it for free on PC, or you can pick up the AnkiMobile Flashcards app. The app is a bit pricey, but I found it invaluable while learning to read Japanese.

The go-to web based dictionary.

1 on 1 Japanese Lessons – italki

When I was learning to SPEAK Japanese italki was my go-to. I was able to try various teachers for cheap or free 30 minute sample lessons, then if I liked them, I took more! You can also use it as a platform for language exchange. Now, while I used it mostly for speaking practice, I know some people who are learning Japanese who have used it to work on their reading as well! So why not check it out?! There are professional and informal teachers. I suggest giving both a try and seeing what works for you.

Japanesepod 101

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