Japanese Novel – 二十億光年の孤独

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Japanese Reading Level 1+
Reviewer’s Japanese Level: Upper Beginner to Lower Intermediate
Furigana: None
Price Range: $5-10
Pages: 171

Review submitted by Michael Perreault


This little book of poetry was invaluable to me in learning Japanese and while backpacking around Japan.

There are no furigana – it is a bit of a different experience – as it has a full English translation in the back half of the book. It’s extremely well translated, and so for beginners it’s quite a fascinating and enlightening experience to work out the Japanese poems and how and why they were translated to English.

In terms of learning Japanese, reading poetry, Tanikawa’s philosophy, learning Kanji, understanding translation work, it is 10/10. Really cheap, pocket size, and beautiful.

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