Japanese Manga – 日常 (My everyday life) 1 through 8

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Japanese Reading Level 3
Reviewer’s Japanese Level: Upper Beginner to Lower Intermediate
Furigana: All
Price Range: $5-10
Pages: About 160 per book

Review submitted by Reiyuki


日常 (Nichijou) is a ‘slice-of-life’ episodic comedy manga (and anime) taken in a unique direction.  It is a more random comedy that likes to exaggerate situations and conflict to epic proportions.  It is much like an Adult Swim show where they don’t bother trying to make perfect sense.

The closest equivalent to this manga is Azumanga Daioh, but with comical exaggerations and occasionally obscure, occasionally nonsensical comedy.

I read Nichijou right after finishing the Yotsuba series, and for me it is a perfect transition in difficulty.  Most of it is still fairly simple and easy to follow, with harder dialog scattered around throughout the books.

I would also recommend watching the Anime by the same name, as the dialog between the Manga and Anime are nearly identical and makes for good practice.

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