Japanese Novel – 金の月のマヤ1 : 黒のエルマニオ

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Japanese Reading Level 4
Reviewer’s Japanese Level: Upper Intermediate
Furigana: Some (probably all below 4年生)
Price Range: $10-15
Pages: 179

It took me a while to be able to read 金の月のマヤ 1: 黒のエルマニオ. This was at the time it still felt like work to read the Magic Tree House books, so even though I kept trying to start, it was simply too difficult for me to read. When I finally reached a level where I could read it without having to look up 5 words per page I was immediately sucked in. This is a classic fantasy novel from the writer of ポポロクロニクル, which lovers of Harry Potter and the likes will definitely find enjoyable and refreshing. Especially after the books they normally encounter for learners of Japanese. There are two more books in the 金の月のマヤ series, and I plan on reading them both. I will be sure to post a review when I am finished, so please check back! Or better yet, if you have already read it, please post a review yourself!

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