Japanese Novel – 羊男のクリスマス

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Japanese Reading Level 3
Novel/Picture book
Reviewer’s Japanese Level: Upper Intermediate to Advanced
Furigana: Some
Price Range: $5-10
Pages: 110

Review submitted by Ignatius


I really enjoyed this book. Like many of Murakami’s books, it has a wonderfully strange magical realism. Despite the odd premise of the book, you’re immediately drawn into the story.

The language level of the book is quite manageable if you’ve been doing Japanese for about 2 years, and it was one of my first novels that I was able to get through with only a few look ups. My main issue reading it was onomatopoeia that I was not originally familiar with, but that doesn’t inhibit your ability to read the book at all.

It has pictures, thankfully, because some of the characters in the book are so strange that you’re not always sure you’ve read the Japanese correctly, until you see the accompanying illustration.

All in all, if you enjoy Murakami already, this will be a great jump into reading native Japanese that is entertaining and not too long!

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