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Title (Click for Reviews, Videos and more)Level Check VideoThe 本 Repository LevelFuriganaPage CountGenrePrice Rangeunited-states-48japan-48
日常Level 3All160Manga Series$5-10
終わりのセラフ 1ー 一瀬グレン 16歳の破滅Level 4Some292Novel$5-10
ぼくのミステリー新聞check-circleLevel 2All171Novel$5-10
日本の神様のお話 下check-circleLevel 2All271Educational$15-20
日本の神様のお話 上check-circleLevel 2All271Educational$15-20
三人とんま ひとまとめcheck-circleLevel 3Most147Novel$5-10
Japanese Graded Readers レベル別日本語多読ライブラリーレベル3 vol. 3check-circleLevel 2All151Graded Reader$20-30
Japanese Graded Readers レベル別日本語多読ライブラリー レベル4 vol. 2Level 3All191Graded Reader$20-30
Japanese Graded Readers Level 2 Vol. 1 レベル別日本語多読ライブラリーcheck-circleLevel 2All111Graded Reader$20-30
Short Fantasy Stories ファンタジーの宝石箱 vol.1 人魚の鱗check-circleLevel 3Most207Fantasy$10-15
魔女の宅急便Level 4Above elementary265Fantasy$5-10
めっきらもっきらどおんどんLevel 2All32Picture Book$5-10
とんことりLevel 2All32Picture Book$5-10
エルマーと16ぴきのりゅうcheck-circleLevel 3All115Fantasy$5-10
エルマーとりゅうcheck-circleLevel 3All122Fantasy$5-10
エルマーのぼうけんcheck-circleLevel 3All121Fantasy$5-10
中級から上級までの日本語check-circleLevel 3Few206Textbook$30+
A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammarcheck-circleLevel 1Most794Dictionary$30+
A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammarcheck-circleLevel 1All760Dictionary$30+
A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammarcheck-circleLevel 1All634Dictionary$30+
11ぴきのねことへんなねこLevel 2All40Picture Book$10-15
11ぴきのねこふくろのなかLevel 2All43Picture Book$10-15
11ぴきのねことぶたLevel 3AllPicture Book$10-15
check-circleLevel 2All40Picture Book$10-15
リューシカ リューシカ (Yoshitoshi Abe)Level 3None130Manga Series$5-10
ロータス森の伝説(2) 影の谷へcheck-circleLevel 2All156Fantasy$5-10
ロータス森の伝説(1) 光の戦士ミドcheck-circleLevel 2All142Fantasy$5-10
キャベツくんLevel 2AllPicture Book$10-15
魔女とふしぎな指輪check-circleLevel 3Most182Novel$5-10
3びきのかわいいオオカミLevel 1All32Picture Book$15-20
ひつじかいとうさぎLevel 3All31Picture Book$10-15
アメリカからきた魔女check-circleLevel 3Most157Fantasy$5-10
THRILLER RESTAURANT 1 幽霊屋敷レストランcheck-circleLevel 2All142Horror$5-10
虹色ほたる 永遠の夏休みcheck-circleLevel 3Most381Novel$5-10
びいこちゃんLevel 2All28Picture Book$15-20
星の王子さまcheck-circleLevel 3Above elementary161Fantasy$5-10
夢十夜Level 5Some50+BunkoUnder $5
二十億光年の孤独Level 1None171Other$5-10
羊男のクリスマスLevel 3Some110Novel$5-10
キッチンLevel 4None197Novel$5-10

マジック・ツリーホウス6: サバンナ決死の横断check-circleLevel 3All156Fantasy$5-10
マジック・ツリーホウス4: マンモスとなぞの原始人Level 3All156Fantasy$5-10
マジック・ツリーホウス7: ポンペイ最後の日check-circleLevel 3All157Fantasy$5-10
マジック・ツリーホウス3: アマゾン大脱出Level 3All157Fantasy$5-10
マジックツリーホウス5: SOS!海底探検Level 3All157Fantasy$5-10
マジック・ツリーホウス2: 女王フュテピのなぞcheck-circleLevel 3All154Fantasy$5-10
マジック・ツリーホウス1: 恐竜の谷の大冒険check-circleLevel 3All157Fantasy$5-10
金の月のマヤ1 : 黒のエルマニオLevel 4Above elementary179Fantasy$10-15
おたまじゃくしの101ちゃんLevel 4All32Picture Book$10-15
どろぼうがっこうLevel 3All32Picture Book$10-15
はてしない物語 下check-circleLevel 4Above elementary417Fantasy$5-10
はてしない物語 上check-circleLevel 4Above elementary329Fantasy$5-10
ふくろ小路一番地check-circleLevel 3Most333Novel$5-10
床下の小人たちcheck-circleLevel 4Above elementary273Fantasy$5-10
ホビットの冒険 下check-circleLevel 4Above elementary282Fantasy$5-10
ホビットの冒険 上check-circleLevel 4Above elementary330Fantasy$5-10
ライオンと魔女 (Chronicles of Narnia 1)check-circleLevel 3Above elementary275Fantasy$5-10
プー横丁にたった家check-circleLevel 2Above elementary286Novel$5-10
Japanese Graded Readers レベル別日本語多読ライブラリーレベル3 vol. 2check-circleLevel 2All150Graded Reader$20-30
Japanese Graded Readers レベル別日本語多読ライブラリーレベル3 vol. 1check-circleLevel 2All149Graded Reader$20-30
ロータス森の伝説(3) よみがえる魔力check-circleLevel 2All152Fantasy$5-10
クマのプーさんcheck-circleLevel 4Above elementary253Novel$5-10
A Japanese ReaderLevel 1Most250Educational$10-15
Japanese Graded Readers レベル別日本語多読ライブラリー レベル4 vol. 1Level 3All190Graded Reader$20-30
岳(ガク) 1 through 18Level 4FewManga Series$5-10
よつばと! 1 through 12Level 3AllManga Series$5-10
Not Mines, But Flowers IIIcheck-circleLevel 2All48Picture Book$5-10
Not Mines, But Flowers IIcheck-circleLevel 2All48Picture Book$5-10
エスカレータの向こう側Level 4Few19Short StoryFree
Not Mines, But Flowerscheck-circleLevel 2All40Picture Book$5-10
よくいやるLevel 5None18UnknownFree
365本の花Level 4Few50FantasyFree

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The 本 Repository Level:

  • Level 1: Easy for even beginners
  • Level 2: Easy for upper beginners to lower intermediate readers of Japanese
  • Level 3: Easy for intermediate readers of Japanese
  • Level 4: Easy for upper intermediate to advanced readers of Japanese
  • Level 5: Easy only for advanced readers of Japanese

Many people wonder why we do not use the JLPT level system here on The 本 Repository. The reason is that no book meant for a native speaker can ever really be placed cleanly within one or even two JLPT levels. Furthermore, to do such placing, we would be required to analyze each and every book against the grammar and vocabulary contained on each JLPT level. If we had a full staff, or any kind of budget, this would perhaps be possible, but unfortunately we = just one guy sitting at his computer. Hopefully you can still find the information, especially the videos, helpful in remedying this situation!

New to reading Japanese?

If you are new to reading Japanese, I highly recommend these Japanese graded readers for getting started. They are written in a way that is easy for learners to understand, and most beginners will find them much more useful than even real Japanese books for children would be.

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

New to the Japanese Alphabet?

I have a few recommendations for those of you who are completely new to Japanese. Particularly those of you who have yet to study hiragana and katakana. The way I personally learned hiragana in under 3 hours was by using the book Remembering the Kana by James Heisig. I found the first part on Hiragana to be amazingly effective. The second part on katakana was… well… not so much. To learn katakana I played the game Project LRNJ which can also be used to learn hiragana and kanji!

Finally, I recently discovered a game on steam with excellent reviews called Learn Japanese to Survive! Hiragana Battle. It looks like a Katakana Version is on the way as well.

I hope that helps get you started. Good luck!

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